When Should You Call a Plumber?

Most Common Plumbing Problems

If you are experiencing problems with your plumbing system, there should be a few things you should know before attempting to resolve them on your own:

Low water pressure
When a person complains about having this issue, it is usually at the sink faucet. First of all, check if this is applying to both the hot and cold water. If that is your case, the problem is the aerator. Calcium deposits slowly build up and reduce the water pressure. To be sure that it is fixed properly, contact a professional.

Slow Draining Sink
Such a problem is very common and often the pop-up that is used to stop up the sink starts collecting a lot of hair and other debris over time. The solution is simple once more. It just needs to get cleaned. Not everyone has the proper tools and equipment, so contacting a professional is what we can advise.

Running Toilet
One of the other most common issues that people know all too well is a running toilet. There are many different reasons causing the toilet to run, but they are all usually easy to fix. Replacing the broken or malfunctioning part is always the most effective solution!

Jammed Garbage Disposal
This is also one of the highest on the list of common problems. Quite often, people lose the key that comes with the garbage disposal to help unjam it. A simple Allen wrench can help you in this situation, but once again, we would advise that you consult with a plumbing professional before attempting to do anything.

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